Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Photos taken in r a k e t a Photo Automat during One Moment in Time, of Naun Rodrigo Gonzalez Juarez , the best colleague in the world and my sweet niece and nephew, a pruttkudde and me.


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Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday, 2 November 2009

One Moment in Time

A moment is a medieval unit of time equal to 1.5 minutes or 1/40 of an hour.

The moment


(n): a particular point in time



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Time is a component of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects. Time has been a major subject of religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a non-controversial manner applicable to all fields of study has consistently eluded the greatest scholars.

In physics as well as in other sciences, time is considered one of the few fundamental quantities.[1] Time is used to define other quantities – such as velocity – so defining time in terms of such quantities would result in circularity of definition.[2] An operational definition of time, wherein one says that observing a certain number of repetitions of one or another standard cyclical event (such as the passage of a free-swinging pendulum) constitutes one standard unit such as the second, is highly useful in the conduct of both advanced experiments and everyday affairs of life. The operational definition leaves aside the question whether there is something called time, apart from the counting activity just mentioned, that flows and that can be measured. Investigations of a single continuum called spacetime brings the nature of time into association with related questions into the nature of space, questions that have their roots in the works of early students of natural philosophy.

Among prominent philosophers, there are two distinct viewpoints on time. One view is that time is part of the fundamental structure of the universe, a dimension in which events occur in sequence. Time travel, in this view, becomes a possibility as other "times" persist like frames of a film strip, spread out across the time line. Sir Isaac Newton subscribed to this realist view, and hence it is sometimes referred to as Newtonian time.[3][4] The opposing view is that timespace and number) within which humans sequence and compare events. This second view, in the tradition of Gottfried Leibniz[5] and Immanuel Kant,[6][7] holds that time is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be travelled. does not refer to any kind of "container" that events and objects "move through", nor to any entity that "flows", but that it is instead part of a fundamental intellectual structure (together with

Temporal measurement has occupied scientists and technologists, and was a prime motivation in navigation and astronomy. Periodic events and periodic motion have long served as standards for units of time. Examples include the apparent motion of the sun across the sky, the phases of the moon, the swing of a pendulum, and the beat of a heart. Currently, the international unit of time, the second, is defined in terms of radiation emitted by caesium atoms (see below). Time is also of significant social importance, having economic value ("time is money") as well as personal value, due to an awareness of the limited time in each day and in human life spans.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Presentation and contact information

Hi, we thought it was about time that we introduce our selves on this blogg. Our names are Matilda Bengtsson and Susanne Ewerlöf and we work as producers/curators in an exhibition space in the swedish town Norrköping. We use the name Verkstad which could be translated as Workshop. The space is about 400 square meters and has the caracter of an abandoned mechanical workshop or garage.

We make exhibitions and events here. At the moment we show In/Out a solo exhibition with Guangjuan Zhang, a member of Vision Forum. Our next event will be a one day art event where we will work with a theme that concerns the moment and the experience of "now". It will be here in Verkstad on november 27. You are off course very welcome.

If you want more info about us please see

Our contact info is and telephone no +46-(0)73-535 03 65. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you are working with some project that relates to our theme or if you have an intrest in collaborating in any way.

Take care!

/Matilda and Susanne

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

One Moment In Time

The 27th of November 2009 Verkstad - a room for art in Norrköping, invites you to the art event One Moment In Time.

Monday, 21 September 2009


Fotos from the exhibition In/Out with Guangjuan Zhang at Verkstad

Monday, 7 September 2009

One moment in time

Our project are right now under reconstruction you can say. Under the mean time we are working hard with a exhibition with Gunagjuan Zhang that's opens 19th of September in Verkstad, Norrköping.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Notes from conversation about an idea about a event

Bad english. Open show next week and dont have much time:
A one day event with performances. Invite artists from both Sweden and abroad. Theme: contemporality. (Maybe invite Duo maglioni Magic Duo)

A three hour programme, with a break. Party after. Perhaps a small exhibition on the same theme or something that concerns performance art.

Perhaps a workshop with the participating artist. Activities in Norrköping during a couple of days in relation to the event. We would like the project to have a social base.

Maybe a workshop for the audience. Could perhaps result in so0mething during the event…

An other idea is to collaborate with some other event in another city. We have a loose idea about making an artwork together that would be about communication and that should be possible for the audience to interact with. Maybe with sound or pics or video.

Sunday, 17 May 2009



Performanceevent hösten 09

Anteckningar från samtal om en event-idé.

Performanceevent under en dag. Bjuda in konstnärer från Sverige och övriga länder. Tema: samtidighet. Kanske bjuda tex Duo maglioni Magic Duo.

Ha ett program på ca tre timmar. M paus. Fest efteråt. Kanske en mindre utställning också på samma tema eller som berör performance/ samtidighet på ngt sätt.

Kanske en workshop m de inbjudna konstnärerna. Att man har aktiviteter i Norrköping i ett par dagar tillsammans i anslutning t eventet. Roligt om projektet har en social grundstomme. ¨

En workshop för publiken kunde också vara intressant om vi hittar ngn annan som vill driva den. Kunde resultera i ngt på eventet sen..

Samarbeta m liknande event på annan ort i Sverige el utomlands. Ev kunde vi utveckla ett eget konstverk som skulle vara ngt interaktrivt. Med bild el ljud. Kommunikation mellan de två platserna.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Thursday, 14 May 2009


I guess we are suppose to write in english so I will give it a try. Matilda and I work in Norrköping, Sweden. We are studying at the University here, but we are both from Stockholm originally. We have worked with per and I think some more of you with a show in Norrköping: (Anti)realism - Workshot 1. It was a great deal of fun trying to arrange all the practical details at an event with 25 participants from Europe and China. We found an great space to use for this event in central Norrköping. We liked it a lot and have recently decided to start using it as a showroom and make exhibitions there regularly.

At the moment I am working with an exhibition that will open in two weeks: Old Media - New Work. It will show paintings from five swedish artists. The theme is the media-painting, you could say. There is a big New Media festival going on in Norrköping at the same time and our show is in one way a comment on that. We are asking: Where lies the new? Is it in the story, the presentation, the estetics or the media? It could be either is my guess.

The participating artists is Magnus Alexandersson, Richard G Carlsson, Anna Kinbom, Fredrik Lindberg and pelle Perlefelt. Please read more (unfortunatly in swedish) on the webpage: Verkstad is the name of the space we use and are trying to establish as a spot for art in Norrkoping. Translates sort of as Workshop.

Thats it for now.