Monday, 18 May 2009

Notes from conversation about an idea about a event

Bad english. Open show next week and dont have much time:
A one day event with performances. Invite artists from both Sweden and abroad. Theme: contemporality. (Maybe invite Duo maglioni Magic Duo)

A three hour programme, with a break. Party after. Perhaps a small exhibition on the same theme or something that concerns performance art.

Perhaps a workshop with the participating artist. Activities in Norrköping during a couple of days in relation to the event. We would like the project to have a social base.

Maybe a workshop for the audience. Could perhaps result in so0mething during the event…

An other idea is to collaborate with some other event in another city. We have a loose idea about making an artwork together that would be about communication and that should be possible for the audience to interact with. Maybe with sound or pics or video.

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